Things to Think About When Buying

WHY hire a buyers agent?
Because you deserve someone in your corner that is looking out for your best interest as we guide you throughout the entire process, plus it should cost you nothing. Our licensing laws dictate that we do everything to benefit you, and at North Star Realtors, you will find that we treat our buyer clients as family. We will always give you our expertise and honest opinion, be it positive or negative, on all matters.

When you’ll need us most:
When you are searching for a home, you will instantly know what you like about a house, but we feel it is our job to point out any negatives as well.  We aim to educate you about all aspects of a property, from settings to systems. For example, the house that sits nice and high above the street which is so appealing to many, may have 2 sets of stairs to get to the front door which is not.  We will always point out factors that you might not care about, but that future buyers may, so that you have all the information you need to make the decision that is best for you.

Some tools in our Toolbox:
We provide countless, effective strategies and here is a great one to get started with: When getting pre-approved, ask your loan officer to provide a pre-approval for the highest amount that you can qualify for. It may be that you are pre-approved for $550,000, but want to purchase in the $450,000 range. Have the pre-approval written for the full $550,000 because it makes you a MUCH stronger buyer. We have seen sellers accept a lower offer to work with the stronger, more qualified buyer. We offer many such strategies, including innovative offer terms (roll in closing costs or not?) to help our buyers secure properties in very competitive bidding war markets.

WHAT to expect:
You will find the search for a home starts off as fun and exciting, but quickly turns to anxiety and stress the moment you find a house that you really like. Embrace those feelings. They are normal, and you should be nervous when you are pursuing the biggest investment of your life. Understand that we will be with you every step of the way, providing you with all the data you will need to make an informed decision that best suits you. Expect that there will be bumps along the way, be it inspection or appraisal issues, but we are expert problem solvers that will navigate you through any issue.

Best First Steps:
Meet with us for an in-depth Buyers Consult that will provide a detailed overview of the entire purchasing process. Whether you are a first time home buyer or not, you will find the consult very beneficial. You will leave with a step by step guide and timeline that will help you sidestep common mistakes, and give you the knowledge and advice necessary for an informed purchase and a less stressful home buying process.