Population 26,983
School Ranking #62*
Public Trans: 3 Commuter Rail Stops/Bus

Melrose is a beautiful little City 11 miles north of Boston.  The entire town has some of the most concentrated examples of fine Victorian housing in neighborhood after neighborhood that you’ll find anywhere.  Immediately picturesque, it’s transformed its Downtown over the past decades by installing brick sidewalks with decorative period lighting, and attracting an abundance of fine shops and restaurants of all price ranges that makes the area a worthy destination.   It’s also the perfect backdrop to wonderful annual events like The Victorian Fair, which fills the main street for a day with street performers, fun games and activities and lots of delicious food vendors.  They offer terrific public transportation with 3 Commuter Rail stops and buses to the Orange Line in neighboring Malden and have access to Rt. 1.   There’s wonderful outdoor spaces and hiking opportunities in several locales including Ell Pond, Swains Pond, Sewall Woods, Mount Hood, Boston Rock, Pine Banks Park, and the eastern reaches of the Middlesex Fells Reservation.  The Melrose/Wakefield Hospital in the northern part of the town with many doctors offices and health services nearby.  Melrose is proud of its cultural efforts, and the best example may be The Beebe Estate which is a “Landmark & Vibrant Cultural Center”.

* Rankings out of 125 Districts within the Rt 495 belt of Greater Boston per Boston Magazine

The following are from a survey that was filled out by residents of each town.  Feel free to contact us if you would like us to add anything for your town!

Fave Events:
Summer Stroll
Victorian Fair
Santa Comes To Town Trolley Rides

Fave Resources For Parents:
North Suburban Family & Resource Network
Swimming lessons & more at the YMCA
Story hour at the Baby Cafe @ Melrose/Wakefield Hospital
Healthy Melrose Family Wellness & Fitness Fair

Fave Recreational Activities:
Swimming at Lloyd Memorial Public Pool
Skateboard Park next to pool
Hiking Sewall Woods or the Fells
Boating on Spot Pond
Golfing at Mt Hood

Fave Parks,Trails & Playgrounds:
Lincoln Park
Conant Park
Hesseltine Park
Pine Banks
The Common
Melrose Dog Park

Fave Cultural Events or Spaces:
Hourglass Gallery
Beebe Estate
Melrose Symphony Orchestra at Memorial Hall
Mt Hood Country Club
Bellevue Country Club
Corinthian Hall

Fave ‘Must See’ sites or Landmarks:
A stroll down Main St
ANY of it’s Victorian neighborhoods & grand streets ie: Bellevue, Orient, Stratford, Porter – on and on, just fantastic
Mt Hood Tower & Country Club
Memorial Hall
Beebe Estate