Population 14,892
School Ranking #48*
Public Trans: None in town

North Reading is a small town 19 miles north of Boston that has a lovely, rural feel compared to its neighbors of Reading and Andover.  It had farm land still when other towns were already thickly settled (ie: Wakefield, Melrose and Reading) so North Reading has a number of actual housing developments that were built from the 1950’s through the early 2000’s that have evolved into gorgeous tree-lined neighborhoods that are so appealing on many levels.  They’ve always had a very solid school system that has consistently performed better than it’s neighbors for decades, plus they have young elementary schools, and both a brand new High School and Middle School.  They have one of the best parks in the area, the Ipswich River Park that has a track, terrific playground, skate & scooter park and some nature trails along the Ipswich River that is loaded with turtles, frogs, beaver dams and makes for some fun and easy adventures.  Martin’s Pond is a fresh water pond that allows motor boating, along with kayaking and canoeing.  North Reading is home to Kitty’s, a famous area restaurant that our parents used to go to in the 50’s and has a terrific car show every Thursday evening in the summer.  North Reading has no public transportation, but you can get the commuter rail in neighboring Reading, Wilmington or Andover and Rt 93 runs along its western border.

* Rankings out of 125 Districts within the Rt 495 belt of Greater Boston per Boston Magazine