Things to Think About When Selling

Thinking of Selling your home?
Well you better find an excellent agent or risk leaving tens-of-thousands of dollars behind in the transaction.  We are in the midst of an unprecedented Sellers Market, so now and always, you want to be sure to place your most valuable investment in the hands of a full-time, licensed professional.  Would you hand over say, $300,000 of equity to invest with someone who simply passed a 40-hour licensing course and passed 1 State exam?  Of course not, and that’s why you want to be sure your list agent is someone like us, trusted Realtors who have combined decades of experience, and a solid track record for marketing our properties in a manner that consistently garners our sellers highest & best price.

Get Educated!
Even if you aren’t thinking of selling but just want to have a sense of your market value, we can get you that information.  We provide such a detailed marketing presentation that by the time we’re done, you’ll have a firm understanding of both how the real estate market works, as well as a current value range on your own property.  Because we also expertly represent buyers, we understand how they think and what they care most about so you’ll have a clear understanding of what projects are worth doing, and what you can pass on.  We also make sure you understand key concepts like the Buyer Pool, Value Ranges,  necessary Disclosures, on and on so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Do you understand the cost of selling a home?
Beyond paying a commission that is split between the Real Estate offices that have the buyers and the sellers, there’s also the stamp tax, the expense of the smoke and carbon certificate (and sometimes the cost of new units), final utility costs etc. etc.  There’s also great preventative measures you can start to take right away that can help you get through inspections smoothly and save money in the process (ie: start with the Wet & Forget where needed, service what needs to be serviced).  We provide a detailed analysis of what measures are worth doing vs. what is optional, resulting in a detailed marketing plan that will get you the best result.

The Value of a Strong Negotiator
As experienced full-time Realtors, one of our greatest values to our clients is our expertise as strong and saavy negotiators.  Creating a bidding war is only a small part of what helps you get the highest dollar amount, but it requires our experience and expertise to make sure that dollar amount is accompanied with the strongest terms possible to benefit our sellers. Things like appraisal language, inspection verbiage, various disclosures along with dozens of other factors can all serve to get our seller’s the best overall offer.

We Don’t Just Talk at You
Our detailed market analysis and marketing plan is more than just a presentation, it’s actually an education in real estate and how it works.  We don’t just talk at you, we follow it up with actual facts, current market data, and evidence of our own track record to back-up our statements.  We provide you valuable reports and insights that other agents simply don’t, and you’ll find that within our marketing efforts, we put our money where out mouth is.  Our information is accurate, and we’re always happy to provide a no-obligation market analysis on your property anytime, whether you plan to sell or not.  Many people pull us out to discuss their current value range when considering an addition.  The information is useful and we know you’ll find it interesting!